James II - o Other reasons why his kingship wasn’t a big deal James was very old people thought he would die soon& throne would go to one of

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James II Colonies ignore mercantilist laws (e.g. Massachusetts) 1679 – Lord of Trade (control colonial affairs) Deny Mass. Claims to New Hampshire (est. as separate colony) James II (r. 1685-88) – the fact that James II was Catholic and _____ was a big deal; most people in England were Anglican o Why can’t James become king if he is Catholic? Nothing, no law against that; he was the legitimate heir o Charles II – did not have any legitimate children (had 20 illegitimate children; became dukes and earls but could not become monarchs), so monarchy went to his brother James II
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Unformatted text preview: o Other reasons why his kingship wasn’t a big deal: James was very old; people thought he would die soon & throne would go to one of his daughters – Mary or Anne – both of whom were Protestant o The problem with James is that he was completely obnoxious about his Catholicism; allowed Catholics to go to university and even vote (did not have political power at this time) o The direct result of James coming to the throne is a very strict royal control over the colonies • “divine right” theory – Strict royal control of colonies...
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