Mayas and Aztecs

Mayas and Aztecs - o Far more warlike and far more powerful than Mayans o Tenochtitlan(est 1325 – By 1500 population reached 200,000 pretty

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Mayas and Aztecs: Ca. 700 B.C.; Mesoamerican civilization Mayas – Yucatan (Mexico) 300 A.D. city of Tikal (20,000) Decline – 800 A.D. Aided Spanish by conquest 1520 It’s important to note that decline in some of these civilizations began before the Spanish ever came (we typically place most of the blame on the Spanish for destroying these civilizations) MAYANS o Had a writing system; calendar AZTECS
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Unformatted text preview: o Far more warlike and far more powerful than Mayans o Tenochtitlan (est. 1325) – By 1500, population reached 200,000; pretty remarkable o Empire in central Mexico o Decline – Spanish conquest (1520s) o Irrigation was essential for farming means; built pyramids and palaces; had a writing system; calendar o Developed trading routes – trading obsidian, gold, etc (all pretty impressive)...
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