Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell - o After the Revolution, what government...

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Oliver Cromwell Banished in 1637 Rhode Island 1636 – Thomas Hooker Connecticut R. Valley Hartford Royal charter for colony Mass model Voting for all landowners English Civil War (1642-1649) Oliver Cromwell – Lord Protector – described as the greatest military leader in history by Eisenhower in a lecture at West Point (not the most ideal figure but never lost a battle) Restoration – 1660 Godly republican society – illegal to swear; pubs were closed; o After Cromwell is banished, his son comes to power o We can know what they meant by godly, but what did they mean by republican? They did not want a king; wanted to govern themselves
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Unformatted text preview: o After the Revolution, what government did Americans choose? Democratic-republic; o What type of architecture did they choose? Neo-Classical; Washington, D.C. looks like it could be in Rome; they even named part of their government the Senate Philadelphia (Delaware R.) o All men who held land were allowed to vote and be involved in politics Frame of Government (1681) English and German migrants (Germantown 1683) Mercantilist theory Navigation Acts Royal Navy/Merchant fleet Contest Dutch control of Atlantic trade (e.g. African slave trade)...
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