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Philip II Philip II – son of Charles V; plays a big role in Spanish decline o Distinction: Catholic Reformation was an internal Reformation such as getting rid of indulgences, making sure bishops were qualified o Plans to fight the Dutch who are Calvinist Counter Reformation – much more aggressive outward stance against Protestants; groups such as the Jesuits led this struggle Economic decline – prices are expensive particularly in Spain due to price inflation o Spain loses much money because it goes to war so many times; wars, as we know, are expensive
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Unformatted text preview: Dutch revolt Spanish Armada 1588 Dutch Empire Amsterdam Indonesia/West Africa New Netherland Elizabeth and monopolies o Why would Elizabeth help the Dutch? She wants to stop the power of Spain, but even more so, keep the Netherlands Protestant; the Dutch are Protestant, the English are Protestant, they would lose a potential ally Great powers of the World from 16th to 20th Centuries: o 16th Century Spain o 17th Century France o 18th Century Britain o 19th Century - Britain o 20th Century U.S....
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