Puritan New England

Puritan New England - o Anne Hutchinson held weekly prayer...

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Puritan New England (February 9, 2011) 1620-1640 – thousands of Puritans Migrated Religious freedom and land Plymouth Colony (Separatists) Mayflower William Bradford 102 migrants (half survived first year) 1640, 3000 settlers Representative gov’t Religious toleration James I/VI – The problem of multiple kingship Charles I – Forced the book of common prayer Boston o Representative Govt u Governor, council, assembly u Limited suffrage (men who were church members) Although they were oppressed themselves when in England, MBC did not practice religious toleration. Religious Dissidents o Roger Williams (Salem) advocated religious toleration and opposed seizure of Indian land and was therefore banished in 1636. Then, he founded Providence, RI.
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Unformatted text preview: o Anne Hutchinson held weekly prayer meetings for women. She believed that women should play a larger role in the church (she was not a feminist). She was banished to Rhode Island in 1637. 1936 Thomas Hooker o Wanted more land (Did not leave for religious reasons) o Explored Connecticut River Valley o Founded Hartford CT o Royal Charter for colony o Followed the MBC model of govt. o Voting for all male landowners English Civil War (1642-49) o Royalist (Cavaliers) vs Parlimentarians [Roundheads (called such because of their bowl haircuts)] Oliver Cromwell o Lord protector of the commonwealth. o Gentleman o Puritan o Trained the Army...
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Puritan New England - o Anne Hutchinson held weekly prayer...

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