Spanish Exploration and Conquest

Spanish Exploration and Conquest - was in the East Indies,...

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Spanish Exploration and Conquest Ferdinand and Isabella o Catholic monarchs who unified Spain in 1492; became the means & motivation for Christopher Columbus to sail o Most of us know that Christopher Columbus travelled around Europe looking for a o Astrolabe – essential for exploration; helped determine a ship’s latitude; longitude was not discovered as yet o Renaissance also occurring at the same time Christopher Columbus – Spanish exploration begins with him in 1492 o Christopher Columbus was, in fact, not Spanish; he sailed for Spain; he conquered for Spain; he was from Genoa, Italy Bahamas “Indies” – his first voyage; he called it the “Indies” because he thought he
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Unformatted text preview: was in the East Indies, the islands off the coast of India Explore islands (tribute) 4 voyages became Admiral of the Ocean Sea; Admiral of Spain wasnt enough; became part of the nobility; Colonization (1000) about 1000 Spanish travel along on the 4 voyages & begin to colonize the regions traveled to Transatlantic slavery Indians to Europe; Africans to New World Amerigo Vespucci though Columbus had discovered this new land; it was not named after it; Amerigo Vespucci was really the one who understood what Columbus had done; it wasnt enough to simply discover the place, you had to know what u were discovering New World *Astrolabe; Caravel...
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Spanish Exploration and Conquest - was in the East Indies,...

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