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The Atlantic World, European Encounters

The Atlantic World, European Encounters - • 100 A.D...

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The Atlantic World: European Encounters, 1450-1550 a. Indians of the North Clans – groups of related families; led by… Elders/village chiefs – held great responsibility in these clans: religious ceremonies, war policy (they decided), acted as judges over personal disputes (disputes were not really over property as in today’s court cases; did not believe in private property but rather communal property) Trade – very adept at it; great trade networks
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Unformatted text preview: • 100 A.D. Hopewell (Ohio) • Louisiana-Wisconsin – famous trade network • Obsidian, copper, pottery o Famous for all their works composed of these materials • Burial mounds – another thing they’re famous for along with their • Trade decline around _______________ • Pueblo (Southwest) o Irrigation; pottery; religious mounds o By 1000 – pueblos o Collapse 1150 – droughts and soil exhaustion...
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