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The Dutch and English Challenge Spain Reformations – Protestantism is the generic term for those who broke away from the Catholic Church; there’s Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anabaptists; it used to be that everyone was Catholic; everyone followed the direction of the pope 1517 – Martin Luther; this structure of a unified faith changes drastically with this man; professor and monk from Saxony, Germany; began opposing the church; the term “reformation” sounds like this was all about “reform” in the church; in fact, this was about the lack of reform in the church o There was simony, double seats, priests having wives, priests and clergymen morally corrupt o A lot of people were upset at this. Indulgences – this really ticked off Luther; a piece of paper that came from the papacy; received in exchange for money; would relieve you from time in purgatory
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Unformatted text preview: • 95 Theses – soon he breaks away from Catholic church and starts Lutheran church, the first Protestant denomination o Luther wanted reform but ended up creating a revolution • Justification by faith – he believed faith alone would save you; not going to mass, not listening to the priest, not good works; faith, & your love for your brothers and sisters will come as a result; in addition, Protestants are allowed to marry o Many people follow Luther out of their disillusionment with the Catholic church o German princes also followed because they wanted the money going to the Catholic church to go to them • “Priesthood of All the Believers” • John Calvin – Geneva • Predestination • “The Elect” • English Reformation
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