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The New Republic - associate Jefferson with the term...

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The New Republic (1787-1820) 1790s – political crisis Federalists Split – split according to factions, factions that will become major political parties; essentially occurs as the result of 2 strong leaders: o Alexander Hamilton – New York lawyer; believed U.S. needed to be a manufacturing nation/strong national gov.t; the key to success was commerce & manufacturing; one way to strengthen national gov.t was creation of national bank; in almost any policy he pursued, he pushed for these 2 things; created a faction that eventually became Federalists o Thomas Jefferson – from a different region of the U.S., from Virginia; had other visions for U.S.; U.S. needed to become agricultural nation/state and local officials; should be based on agrarian commerce, emphasis on growing crops: rice, cotton, tobacco; believed that it was important that the state keep hold of their powers & defend them from, at times, an encroaching central government; at times, we
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Unformatted text preview: associate Jefferson with the term agrarian democracy; h In the South, agriculture helped economy prosper; in the North, economy prospered by banking & manufacturing h Jeffersons vision tended to dominate: war-torn Europe was in need of things like corn, etc.; creates Republicans h Political tensions b/w agrarian South and manufacturing North will all play a part in the Civil War 1788 before we see this split into Feds & antifeds, Federalist do win elections Washington president (Electoral College); John Adams Vice-president House of Representatives 44 seats Feds; 8 Antifeds Jefferson Secretary of State Hamilton Secretary of Treasury Judiciary Act of 1789 est. Federal District court in each state; 3 circuit courts (appeals); Supreme Court; could appeal to them before getting to the Supreme Court, again expanding power of Federal government...
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