Westward Movement

Westward Movement - dates indicate when these territories...

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Westward Movement 1790-1810 Jeffersonian Republicans U.S. asserted control of Trans-Appalachian West Millions of acres seized; Iroquois on reservations 1785 – tribes (Delawares; Ottaqwas; and Chippewas) sign agreements to mosmt of Ohio Repubdiate – join Shawnee, Miami Tribes Chief Little turtle (Miami) diefeat U.S. expeditionary forces in 1900s [missing info] 1803 – Ohio becomes a state (pop. of 100,000) By 1820, 800,000 NE Migration to NY; Illinois; Indiana Southern Migration – yeoman; white tenant farmers move into TN; Kentucky o Why did they do that? o Largely to escape planter-controlled society VA legislators sold cheap land (up to 1,400 acres per person) o o With that said, not everyone has the money to afford that land; on top o fthat, the ones that did, usually wanted more Wealthy speculators (20,000-200,000 acres; ¼ of the land in KY, 1792) 2nd southern wave to Gulf Coast – Mississippi (1817); Alabama (1819); and Louisiana (1812);
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Unformatted text preview: dates indicate when these territories became states o When we talk about the LA Purchase, keep in mind that were not simply talking about LA but AK, IL, & numerous other territories o The reason why Napoleon sold that vast amount of land is because he needed money to fund the wars he was waging in Europe; once again, the wars in Europe help the expansion of the U.S. frontier Cotton key sold throughout U.S. as well as Europe; not only was the commodity in high demand, it also, because it was in high demand, could be acquired at relatively low cost o In conjunction with the Industrial Revolution, cotton could be produced at a much greater amount o The significance is not simply in the expansion of these Southern states centered around this commodity but also in the expansion of African slavery 1776-1808 115,000 slaves imported;...
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Westward Movement - dates indicate when these territories...

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