Witchcraft and the Supernatural

Witchcraft and the Supernatural - o Why in the Age of...

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Witchcraft and the Supernatural 1647-1662 14 hanged Salem 1692 – very very pious state; so much so that any divergent ideas were dealt with 175 tried; 19 executed Witchcraft subsided by 18th century – people start to look at events as having natural causes rather than being something supernatural Enlightenment – Age of Reason; applying ideas of the scientific revolution to not just the physical
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Unformatted text preview: o Why in the Age of Reason would people still believe in the superstitious and witchcraft?Only the very wealthy could read things like Voltaire, etc.; most people lived in rural villages scattered across the countryside o Most people based their lives on religion, & even more so superstition. The more rural u got, typically the more superstitious the people; not much has changed. natural causes (scientific)...
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