2 Criticisms of Utilitarianism

2 Criticisms of Utilitarianism - happy because the couple...

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2 Criticisms of Utilitarianism: o Difficult to calculate. 2 We have a newly married, young couple. Each has a career that both are expected to do well in. Unexpectedly, the wife discovers that she is pregnant, and both consider whether she should have an abortion. Since they are utilitarian, they consider all the people that could be affected by this. They start with themselves (an inconvenience for them now so they would become unhappy, at the same time bringing a baby into the world would bring happiness). Then they think of their family; they would be happy. Diaper companies would probably be happy but not too much; schools might be happy…unless they live in a district where the schools are overcrowded so they might not be happy. Car companies might be happy because u might need to purchase a new vehicle; on the other hand, they might not be
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Unformatted text preview: happy because the couple wouldn’t be buying the new more expensive sports car. 2 As we can see, sometimes it is very easy to calculate; sometimes very difficult. o In Utilitarianism, the end (greatest amount of happiness) justifies the means, but a good end does not justify an unjust means. 2 an example from a law book – we have a group of medical researchers who have come to D.C. to try to have a bill passed that allows them to do experiments on humans without their consent. Their end is to speed up the process of breaking grounds in their (as well as other scientists’) research. The means, however, is to not ask human participants for their permission, thereby putting many lives at risk....
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