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Applied PAS - for years after diagnosis(President Reagan...

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Applied PAS: p The argument is that once you begin to allow PAS, it would give greater grounds for PAS when there isn’t absolute need for it. Allow PAS for someone whose life dwindles the family’s monetary savings, someone who uses up the hospital’s power, etc. h It’s far more costly to keep someone alive then to have them participate in PAS. o “Expanded definitions of terminal illness” h Take Alzheimer’s for example; most would consider it a terminal illness, though some won’t die
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Unformatted text preview: for years after diagnosis (President Reagan lived 15 years after finding that he had Alzheimer’s). h I guess you could say we’re all born terminally ill. h Doerflinger’s point is that since we can’t really say what exactly counts as a terminal illness, we shouldn’t open up the definition. He doesn’t want doctors to lose their identity as keepers of life (replaced by “bringers of death”)....
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