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Code of Values – chosen, organized set of values Number 1, it must be chosen. If u simply copy someone else’s values without thinking it through, u don’t have a set of values. Someone else has a set of values. Number 2, it must be organized. It is not simply about knowing what things are important but what values are of utmost importance (your priorities; which things matter – which things are crucial & which things are not) o Every single day we have hundreds of actions to choose from. We have to choose which one’s matter. At this moment, Prof. Siegmann could be listening to music, sleeping, etc. but he chooses to teach b/c it’s somewhat important.
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Unformatted text preview: • Your choices shape not only the course of your life but your character. o Suppose u are a procrastinator, & u see that this character flaw is working against you in your life, affecting your job, etc. As such, u decide to not be a procrastinator. U wake up the next day with that decision & u say, “How long can I put this off?” This is simply the way you’ve been patterned to approach problems. Everything in u will want to put that thing off. o Another e.g. – Prof. Siegmann used to be a smoker. when he decided to quit, every morning he would reach for a cigarette that wasn’t there (it was just what he was accustomed to)...
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