Criticisms of the Divine Command Theory

Criticisms of the Divine Command Theory - don’t know;...

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Criticisms of the Divine Command Theory: o God’s decisions would have to be arbitrary. (Heavenly Ethical Relativism) o Heads, murder is good. Tails, murder is bad. o Someone who accepts the Divine Command Theory cannot tell whether the commands come from a good an evil being. o you would have to take it on faith that it’s good. For example, let’s say u lived in Nazi Germany and u listened to everything Hitler said. o What about issues on which God has not spoken. o Let’s take the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Is God for or against freedom of speech? We
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Unformatted text preview: don’t know; can’t think of any passages that support or deny it. o The Divine Command Theory requires you to accept ethical beliefs on “Faith.” o First, we have to be clear by what we mean by faith. Faith is sort of a lose term. We’re interested in the philosophical meaning of faith… o faith – the acceptance of a believe without evidence or proof; it is the opposite of reason o reason – beliefs should be based on sufficient evidence or proof...
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