Day 9 Lecture - o DAY 9 LECTURE Siegmanns Theory: The...

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DAY 9 LECTURE Siegmann’s Theory: The justification of punishment is the defense of individual rights. o We are punishing individual criminals because they are violators of person’s rights; in order to protect our rights we must punish them. o The reason why we don’t punish innocent people is because that would be a violation of their rights. o This view follows from John Locke’s theory of individual rights. Capital Punishment o Utilitarian-Deterrence Theorist would say, “Does capital punishment deter future crimes/murders?” o The Retributivist: “Is capital punishment a just punishment for murder?” Pojman on Capital Punishment: o Pojman believes that both these defenses can be used for capital punishment (both forward-looking and backward-looking). o Objection 1: Sometimes innocent people are put to death. It is true that innocent people are sometimes are put to death but there are already many things that we accept wherein many people die: the driving of automobiles, which results in 50,000 deaths per year. Objection 2: Death penalty is unjust
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Day 9 Lecture - o DAY 9 LECTURE Siegmanns Theory: The...

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