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If u asked a utilitarian what is the right thing, he would say, “Which choice produces the greatest good?” That is the standard by which he lives by. An obvious, important question now is, “What is the right ethical standard?” Ethics is considered with fundamental values and principles. o Example: Let’s say Prof.’s ethical standard was protecting his own well-being, & someone told him, “Well, if u want to do that, don’t drink poison.” The “don’t drink poison” principle is too narrow a
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Unformatted text preview: principle to base your life on . o Another example: Should you live in self-interest (egoism) or altruism? t self-interest your primary concern should be your own good t altruism your primary concern should be the good of others Suppose the following: Ur stranded on a deserted island all by urself. Is ethics still relevant? o Siegmann will posit that it is. Ethics is not merely dependent on the presence of other people to exist. When you get down to it: you have a life to live & a problem, how to live it well. Ethics is relevant even when u are all alone....
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