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Ideas Concerning Principles (#1 & #2 are criticisms of situation ethics; the rest are general statements about principles) 1. The purpose of a principle is to avoid having to regard each situation as unique (principles capture how situations are similar) 2. A principle with exceptions is useless. a. When prof. was a kid, he believed in the principle “heavy things sink, light things float.” He believed this up until he saw his first ocean-liner. Young prof. might say, “Okay, this is a heavy thing but it is an exception.” A better answer is that the principle itself was wrong. 3. A principle requires that you identify what is essential. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: A good principle must include long-range consequences. 5. The danger of an incorrect principle. a. E.g. – Let’s assume the argument “the gov. should punish criminals.” To set it up, u would say, “#1, the majority of citizens want the gov. #2 the gov. should do whatever the majority wants.” b. Which of these steps is a principle? #2 because it is a generalized claim; a principle is not a one-time thing that is applied to many different situations. c. If you apply the wrong principle, you’ll get a multitude of wrong answers. The problem with getting a wrong principle is u’ll get wrong answers over and over again....
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