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POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY - O Is abortion right or wrong(ethics...

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POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Political Philosophy – the study which discovers defines the principles, purposes, & organization of social systems o What are the proper purposes of government? Here, we are not merely compiling a list of what the government should & should not do. o Proper powers of government? Should O If u give the government total purposes, it will have total power. o What rights should individuals have? & of course, why should they have them? O Americans more than any other seem to be most concerned with individual rights (often times without even knowing why; they just expect it). o What is the difference b/w these two questions: O Should abortion be legally prohibited? (political philosophy)
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Unformatted text preview: O Is abortion right or wrong? (ethics) o If u want to get to the heart of someone’s political philosophy, u must know these two things concerning the person… • Fundamental Social Principle – the basic principle by which people must abide in their relations to one another, & form which all lesser principles are derived o The basic ideas by which u think all people should live by. • the Basic Purpose of Government – that purpose which explains the reason for government & which determines the proper activities of government o Once again, they could give u a list but u wanna get is, “what’s the basic principle by which all things get on that list?”...
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