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Pride - time u do something u think u shouldn’t do u...

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Pride – the commitment to achieve one’s own moral perfection (the source of self-esteem) self-esteem – a fundamental positive appraisal of oneself Someone who has zero self-esteem is someone who thinks of themselves as absolutely worthless; what would be the reason for them to preserve their life? Not much reason. Now, a person with high self-esteem would have great reason to preserve his or her life. The question is, “How do you gain self-esteem?” When Siegmann was younger, his mother told him that he should do the right thing even when no one was around because there is Someone that’s always watching. That Someone is God. But even if no one is around there is someone watching – yourself. Any
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Unformatted text preview: time u do something u think u shouldn’t do, u lower ur standards. Any time u fail to do something u think u should do, u lower ur standards. In productivity, u shape the world outside of you; in pride u shape yourself. If someone asked Rand why these fundamental virtues should be sought after she would say, “Because it’s in your self-interest.” In Rand’s view, u should never accept flaws in ur character, not that there aren’t any flaws, but that these flaws are to be corrected & u should come closer to the person that u ought to be....
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