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Rationality – “the commitment to use reason as one’s only source of knowledge, one’s only judge a Let’s say Prof. Siegmann took the time to listen to music one day, not do anything else just sit in his chair & listen to music he enjoys. Now, a few minutes into listening, different emotions are evoked via the music, even some memories are brought up subconsciously thanks to the music. Is he thinking? No, he’s just listening, letting his mind wander. Now, if he heard someone outside yell “Fire! Fire!” his consciousness might change; he would become more alert. a The point is this: thinking is purposeful, goal-directed mental action. a Thinking doesn’t just come; it’s not an automatic choice. An e.g., when Siegmann was in college
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Unformatted text preview: & grad school, he got by waiting tables. In that time, there was a coworker that would often come to work bloodied & bruised. It was soon discovered that the woman was frequently abused by her husband. When Siegmann approached the woman & asked her why she stays with him, she replied, “Because he loves me.” Siegmann’s response, “How do u know he loves u (if he beats u)?” Her response, “I know he loves me.” (but her tone was more curt like, “it’s none of ur business”). In the woman’s mind, she had come to believe that he loved her for over ten years & refused to think about the issue (her solution was, “Okay, turn my brain off rather than face the issue.”). a For Rand, the crucial characteristic that enables us to live is our ability to think....
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