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Right to Life Argument - weaken the argument Weaken because...

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Right to Life Argument 1. All HB have a RTL. 2. Fetuses are HB. – attacked by Mary Anne Warren 3. So, fetuses have a RTL. 4. Abortion violates the RTL of the fetus. – attacked by J.J. Thomson. 5. Any violation of the RTL is morally wrong and should be legally prohibited. 6. So abortion is morally wrong and should be legally prohibited. The ones that receive attack are #2 and #4. Suppose we change #2 to read “fetuses are potential human beings.” Would that strengthen or
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Unformatted text preview: weaken the argument? Weaken because that says that they are NOT humans yet; do not have our rights. • Here’s a “what if” question: What if everything depends on whether the fetus is a HB and we cannot resolve the issue? o You still have to come to a decision. Should abortion be prohibited or allowed? o Siegmann came to his conclusion regarding the issue with this scenario: Suppose ur a hunter and you came across a figure...
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