Secular Objectivism

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Secular Objectivism (Reason) – view that objective truth is discovered by observation of the facts of the The secularist & the mystic agree on one thing – there is truth. What is it they disagree on? method, how to get to the answer. Now, some groups of mystics can act as secular objectivists. St. Thomas Aquinas gave us the idea of cause-and-effect and an “Uncaused Causer,” by observing the natural world he came to the conclusion that there is a God based on the merit that there must be some beginning to all causes. Suppose, u have an atheist & u ask him, “Why don’t u believe in God?” He replies, “I just had an intuition.” U now have a mystic atheist. Land Dispute b/w o If 2 secular objectivists have a dispute over land, they agree that there is a truth. They both agree
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Unformatted text preview: that there are facts and the person in the wrong would be missing some facts. The dispute b/w the • Of these three theories which requires the most effort? Secular Objectivism by a lot. o E.G. what are your views on killing? Killing is wrong because… e I just believe it is, that’s my opinion. (subjectivism) e It was revealed to me in a vision (mysticism) e Secular Objectivism is harder because the secular objectivist has to get things. He has to observe and arrive at conclusions. The problem is, since he gathers facts, deciding which facts to pay attention to (there are millions of facts to choose from) o Newton when arriving at the 3 laws of motion observed hundreds maybe thousands of facts; he just had to find the 3 that applied to all of the universe. Notice that everybody observed the same facts as Newton did....
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