Self-Interest vs. Altruism vs. Rational Self-Interest

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Self-Interest vs. Altruism vs. Rational Self-Interest “Monster” “Monster” Self-Interest – sacrifice others to yourself Altruism – sacrifice yourself to others Rational Self-Interest – no sacrifices o Why would she say that? (that there should be no sacrifices) What Rand would maintain is that sacrifices are not necessary; all you need to do is produce and trade with others o For Rand, u must earn your own way. Our basic relationship to others is that of a trader. o Notice, when u trade u do not make sacrifices. Siegmann has never walked into Publix & asked o People often think of sacrifice as giving up one thing to gain another. However, based on that definition EVERY act in ur life must necessarily be a sacrifice. For instance, Siegmann is teaching right now, & has necessarily given up everything else he could have been doing instead. He goes to Publix & spends a dollar; this means he has given up everything else he could have bought with that dollar.
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Unformatted text preview: o Rand says this is a poor definition of sacrifice. Her definition: giving up a higher value for a lower or a non-value. In essence, taking a loss is true sacrifice. o There can be values of such great importance that without them life would not be worth living. e “Give me liberty or give me death” fits this description. e Slaves willing to risk their lives to escape to freedom is another. o Would Rand say this, “Really everyone is selfish”? With just a little thought, u would see that this is not so. Remember, Rand tells us to live in our self-interest. The point is people fail to live in self-interest; Siegmann knows plenty of people who have a habit of screwing up their lives. o “My life is an unestimable value. I must be conscientious of what I am doing with my life, but many people are not.” People are failing in their self-interest. o Notice by the way, self-interest is not doing what u feel like doing. What u feel like doing might be terrible for ur life....
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