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Siegmann’s Argument: The Independent Entity Argument (for the political issue) o A necessary condition for having rights is that one be a physically independent entity. The fetus is not a physically independent entity. (physically, it is a parasite; if u want to have a child, it is a very important parasite) So, the fetus has no rights. From here: Since the fetus has no rights, abortion does not violate anybody’s rights. Abortion should be permitted. o “A necessary condition” – not the only condition but a necessary o “physically independent” – more along the lines of biologically dependent o Let’s look at the example of Siamese Twins.
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Unformatted text preview: • Siegmann’s Argument for the Moral Question: o He would approach this from Ayn Rand’s Rational Self-Interest: The woman should see if this is in her best interest. Whether this is an opportune time for her, whether it would make her life more fulfilling. o He would claim that it is immoral to have a child you did not want to have. • My argument: let’s say we were Kantians. Kantian would not want all people everywhere to have abortions (no people left); applying the Golden Rule, you would not want someone to abort you from the womb even though you are unaware to the fact...
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