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Situation Ethics (use this definition, not what u’ll find in other sources) view that there are correct ethical principles but there are no ethical principles which apply to all situations; each situation is unique & u should apply those principles which fit that particular situation e.g. let’s say we hold the principle “be honest;” if someone showed up to Prof’s door w/ a shotgun & asked, “Are u Bill Siegmann?” Though prof. lives by the principles he probably would not apply it in this situation.
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Unformatted text preview: o There are no principles that simply always apply under this view. The principle Dont kill innocent people, was overlooked in WWII. If the Allied Powers hadnt bombed the factories that were producing the Axis weapons, we wouldnt have won the war. When it comes down to it, situation ethics is a form of relativism. Essentially, ur choosing which principle to use in a given situation. There are no exceptions to the principles, & there cant be....
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