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Slippery Slopes - forced to register their guns(you would...

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Slippery Slopes, Loose Cannons o Slippery Slope Criticism – the present view may be morally okay but it will lead to evil actions eventually What it is u are advocating in the present but in the future it will lead to serious wrongs/awful deeds. It’s called slippery slope because u may at the top of the slope but in time u will soon fall into evil actions. A good e.g. of slippery slopes: for a long time, people were for the registering of guns. A few years ago, the National Rifle Association took a stance against gun-owners being
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Unformatted text preview: forced to register their guns (you would think they would be for it since people in the NRA typically aren’t the ones robbing guns but use their guns for good). It’s not the registering that’s the problem; it’s that the many people that want people to register guns also want to confiscate the guns. Though registering is fine, it might lead to them having to give up their guns. Also called the wedge argument; once u push the wedge inside & can keep pushing. Sometimes, the camel’s nose in the tent argument...
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