The Purpose of Ethical Principles

The Purpose of Ethical Principles - The Purpose of Ethical...

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The Purpose of Ethical Principles Ethical principles, among other things, enables to achieve our values LONG RANGE, allowing o All the things we value or are of importance require that there’s a connection b/w what we need to do now & something we will achieve in the future. The discussion of ethical values leads to the question, “What should man value?” o This really is a “What?” question, considering that it starts with that word. What should I be working for, etc? o Contained in this question is also a “How?” question (how do I achieve this end). More formally, “What principles should man live by?” Ethics consists of 2 parts: a what & a how. When Prof. Siegmann was younger he though principles were ideas flowing by themselves. However, they are practical (they are the how part). Of the 2 questions which is the more fundamental? the “what” question. u have to know what ur after before u can know how to get it. “enabling us to deal with them efficiently” – the crucial thing about ethics in any field is that they
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