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1 Lecture 8: Memory Basics Fall 2009 Prof. Lombrozo Overview of today’s class: 1. The problem of memory 2. Short-term memory 3. Long-term memory 4. Forgetting Reminders: Assignment 2 due by Wed @ 10pm 8.2 Memory at the computational level • What is the goal of memory? – To encode, store, and retrieve information that supports adaptive behavior • This is a hard problem! – What’s worth remembering? – How should it be organized for optimal retrieval? 8.3 Memory at the algorithmic level • What are the algorithms used? • What are the representations involved? Visual vs auditory vs olfactory vs… Temporary vs long-term Personal vs general knowledge Skills vs facts
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2 The organization of memory 8.4 Short-term memory Long-term memory Semantic Episodic Declarative Procedural Working Memory Model Central Executive Phonological loop Visuospatial sketchpad The magical number 7 ± 2 8.5 “…I have been persecuted by an integer…” George Miller Chunking: Combining several pieces of information into a single unit or code (MRM). DEMO 8.6 Serial position effects • Items 1-5: – Timber, fountain, canvas, angel, parlor • Items 6-10: – Fever, meadow, basket, voyage, fury • Items 11-15: – Lemon, candle, servant, cottage, laughter
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Lecture8-MemoryIntro-Handout - Lecture 8 Memory Basics Fall...

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