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1 Lecture 10: Memory Structures Fall 2009 Prof. Lombrozo Overview of today’s class: 1. Schemas & Scripts 2. Reconstructive memory 3. Memory “illusions” 4. (Advertisement for next lecture) Reminder: Assignment 3 due by Wed @ 10pm 10.2 Remember the following: • Anne arrived at the lecture hall at 11:10am, just as the class started. She turned off her music, took out her binder, and listened intently for 50 minutes. At 12pm, she got up and left. DEMO Memory & levels of explanation • Memory at the computational level Goal : To encode, store, and retrieve information that supports adaptive behavior • Memory at the algorithmic level : Short-term vs. long-term, procedural vs. declarative, semantic vs. episodic 10.3 To support adaptive behavior, memory must be encoded, stored, and retrieved in a way that supports useful inferences .
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2 10.4 A riddle : A man was found murdered in an alley with 53 bicycles around him. Why was he killed? The Hierarchical Model (Collins & Quillian, 1972) DEMO 10.5 Schemas Representational structure involved in understanding, inference, and memory Slots Default values Why are schemas useful? • Schemas help us address the problems of: Limited information : We often need to know more than what’s provided. Computational complexity
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Lecture10-Scripts_Schemas - Lecture 10 Memory Structures...

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