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Lecture13-Imagery - Lecture 13 Mental Imagery Fall 2009...

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1 Lecture 13: Mental Imagery Fall 2009 Prof. Lombrozo Overview of today’s class: 1. The mental imagery debate 2. Evidence for imagery 3. Arguments against 4. Structure-process trade-offs Reminder: Midterm on Wed – Bring scantron! 13.2 Motivating examples What shape are a cat’s ears? Imagine an elephant. Next to it, imagine a mouse. What shape are the mouse’s ears? Imagine an N. Add a diagonal from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Rotate it 90 degrees to the right. What do you see? How do you get from Morgan Hall to Telegraph Ave? 13.3 Mental Imagery: The debate Are images a vehicle of thought? What is their format?
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2 13.4 Representational formats Propositional representations – Sentence-like symbols and rules for combination – Not necessarily any particular language (“mentalese”) Analog representations – “Picture-like” Spatial relationships of represented item preserved in representation – Not necessarily visual (spatial, auditory…) 13.5
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