Obama essay - by the powerful way he instructed his...

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Kareem El Freshmen Composition 12 September 2011 Obama Essay Speechmaker or Savior There are mixed feelings from Americans on President Obama’s speech regarding the job crisis in America. Many people have criticized the president in the past for appearing to be just a speechmaker and not a performer of the promises he makes. Many believe this trend of speeches followed by inactivity is over rated. While these critics appear to be uninterested in giving the presidents ‘new’ old deal time to kick in, many sympathize with him. In his introduction of the job initiative, he relays the sentiment of many average Americans who are tired of politics and are dealing with ‘real life’ problems. He urges congress to pass this bill a multitude of times. He explaining that his initiative has no party affiliations and its purpose is simply to give the economy a boost while keeping the debt ceiling. His speech was highlighted
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Unformatted text preview: by the powerful way he instructed his constituents to pass this bill. My Sympathy goes to the president because he is working himself to death trying to find a compromise that will benefit the American people while saving some of the Democratic Partys dignity. Its bad enough he must fix a disaster unleashed upon the country by the previous administration, but he must also battle a brick wall of congressmen who despise him. These stubborn individuals criticize and disrespect Obama every chance they get. The greatest round of applause the president received was for stating the oppositions argument; that says a lot about the hostile atmosphere of that room. Obama really has his work cut out for him but I still see him as the savior and not the speechmaker no matter what the critics say....
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Obama essay - by the powerful way he instructed his...

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