outlook 1 - characterize King as a controversial individual...

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Kareem El Freshmen Composition 30 August 2011 Outlook #1 Give me more! In the Washington post {August 28, 2011B-1), “ What would King say to Obama?” Congressman John Lewis, the last surviving speaker from the march on Washington gives a detailed reflection on King’s true essence as well as an opinion on King’s prospective stance on President Obama’s administration. The writer presents Lewis’ standpoint in paragraph form. Lewis asserts that though as a society, we have come a long way; we still have far to go. Finally Lewis says “Were he alive today, it is telling that his message would still be essentially the same; King would give the same message of nonviolence and humanity to Obama, that he gave to the world. I have mixed feelings about this article. Though it is nice to see someone
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Unformatted text preview: characterize King as a controversial individual of his time, and not just a passive aggressive larger than life figure from the past; I still dont like the idea of speculating what the dead would say. No one knows what Martin Luther King would say to Obama or whether he would still stick to his non-violent and peaceful message. Though it is interesting to make such inquiries and answer them ourselves, we really shouldnt. Martin Luther King was a pivotal figure in our nations history and his memory should be honored. For that reason, the life and legitimate history of MLK should be celebrated not a white washed paragraph in a book, and not speculation....
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outlook 1 - characterize King as a controversial individual...

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