Poly sci notes - enforces the law. States today, are a...

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Jay Stewart- j_stewart@howard.edu 202 641 5488 Office: DGH112 Office Hours: m/w 12-3; 4-5 Governmental structure Constitution ratified in 1788/ oldest constitutions in the world - A social contract between the government and its citizens setting forth the rights of each. 7 parts of the constitutions: articles 1. Legislative branch 2. Executive branch 3. Judicial branch 4. Federalism (shared power between the fed and state) 5. Amendment Process (super majority requirement or 2/3 of house and senate) 6. Miscellaneous (there shall be no religious test for president/ supremacy clause) 7. Ratification process Controversy 1. 3/5 compromise 2. Congress cannot tax or regulate the slave trade until 1808 3. Fugitive slave act 4. In the event of a slave revolt the federal government must protect the states from the slaves Electoral college * 1865 13 th amendment abolishes slavery 1868 14 th protects civil rights 1870 15 th protects voting rights 1865-1877 Reconstruction Government Today Congress makes the law, the courts interpret the law, and the executive branch (president)
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Unformatted text preview: enforces the law. States today, are a vehicle of federal policy Obama Care* Adjudication* Federal register** Strom Thurman United Nations (league of nations in the treaty of Versailles) Goal was to substitute politics for war fare Palestinian Statehood Middle eastern area was controlled by the Ottoman Empire from the 1300s WWI Linktv.org/mosaic Mossadegh* Nasser* Housni Mumbarak replaces Sadat Ruholla comeni overthrows shah of iran Pbs. Org Do essays within a week of getting them. Give the background, competing viewpoints, and your opinion. European union- Political entity started in 1958 1979 elections to the European parliament 1999 started the euro zone 1985 Schengen treaty * 2009 Lisbon treaty President Herman Van Rompuy Belarus* NEPAD- real African union (south African ideal) Greater Australia is referred to as Oceania (pacific island forum) Shanghai cooperation organization SAARC* Baltic council...
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Poly sci notes - enforces the law. States today, are a...

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