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Poly sci notes - enforces the law States today are a...

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Jay Stewart- [email protected] 202 641 5488 Office: DGH112 Office Hours: m/w 12-3; 4-5 Governmental structure Constitution ratified in 1788/ oldest constitutions in the world - A social contract between the government and its citizens setting forth the rights of each. 7 parts of the constitutions: articles 1. Legislative branch 2. Executive branch 3. Judicial branch 4. Federalism (shared power between the fed and state) 5. Amendment Process (super majority requirement or 2/3 of house and senate) 6. Miscellaneous (there shall be no religious test for president/ supremacy clause) 7. Ratification process Controversy 1. 3/5 compromise 2. Congress cannot tax or regulate the slave trade until 1808 3. Fugitive slave act 4. In the event of a slave revolt the federal government must protect the states from the slaves Electoral college * 1865 13 th amendment abolishes slavery 1868 14 th protects civil rights 1870 15 th protects voting rights 1865-1877 Reconstruction Government Today Congress makes the law, the courts interpret the law, and the executive branch (president)
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Unformatted text preview: enforces the law. States today, are a vehicle of federal policy Obama Care* Adjudication* Federal register** Strom Thurman United Nations (league of nations in the treaty of Versailles) • Goal was to substitute politics for war fare Palestinian Statehood Middle eastern area was controlled by the Ottoman Empire from the 1300’s WWI Linktv.org/mosaic Mossadegh* Nasser* Housni Mumbarak replaces Sadat Ruholla comeni overthrows shah of iran Pbs. Org Do essays within a week of getting them. Give the background, competing viewpoints, and your opinion. European union- Political entity started in 1958 1979 elections to the European parliament 1999 started the euro zone 1985 Schengen treaty * 2009 Lisbon treaty President – Herman Van Rompuy Belarus* NEPAD- real African union (south African ideal) Greater Australia is referred to as Oceania (pacific island forum) Shanghai cooperation organization SAARC* Baltic council...
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Poly sci notes - enforces the law States today are a...

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