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My first week at the ‘Mecca’ was extremely interesting and also eye opening. Being from DC, and having had Howard’s influence in my life since I was a kindergartener, I was unlike many of the other freshmen; who were embracing a totally new environment. I had no idea how energetic and lively HU’s campus was, nor was I aware of the diversity, ethnically and socially. Like all the other freshmen from other places around the world, I had, and still have a lot to learn about college living. Overall freshmen week was good. Now I am beginning to wonder exactly what the rest of my time at Howard will be like. The first week was like a tease, now I am expecting the work and stress load to pick up! I have already gotten a taste of the academic rigor coming my way during the first week of class. So far class hasn’t been too hard considering that this is still the review period. After the first few weeks of class I expect to get a better idea of how hard college work is. Though I do expect to be challenged I have no fear of failure.
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