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I enjoyed the lecture last week. Dr. G touched on some points that I feel are very pivotal in the worlds of education and history. Also I am starting to gain a better appreciation for freshmen seminar. Freshmen seminar seems like an African studies supplement for those of us whose, educational and career goals may not expose them to legitimate African History and culture. The points I enjoyed the most were the distinctions between wisdom and knowledge, the point of Egypt’s culture predating that of the Hebrews, Greeks, and Arabs, and lastly, the fact that Egypt has ties to Africa. The point of knowledge and wisdom was an interesting one because its so simple yet deep. We all have an idea of the difference between knowledge and wisdom but sometimes lack one of the two in situations that require both. The balance between knowledge and wisdom is very critical. Some people know everything but lack the capability to apply that knowledge. Others go into situations with no real information and
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