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I really enjoyed this week’s lecture and presentation. I wasn’t necessarily enthralled and excited by the information presented because it was mostly review, but the speaker impressed me. As Dr. Carr read the credentials and biography of Dr. Beatty I felt inspired. I was inspired by the sheer magnitude of Dr. Beatty’s educational journey and also the vast skill set he commanded. Hearing all of his accomplishments made me think about what people would one day say about me in an introduction and also the work it must take to amass that type of resume. Because I felt honored to be in the presence of such an accomplished scholar (other than Dr. Carr), I was in no way frustrated to be listening to information I already understood very well. I didn’t necessarily get three separate points from this lecture. What I did get was multiple approaches and ideals regarding the idea of dismemberment in the international African Community. These ideals were: the extreme degree to which Africans were separated from the society they
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