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Blog post 5 - At the beginning of last class I wondered why...

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At the beginning of last class I wondered why the introducer of the lecturer was so intent on asking that we embrace the speaker the way she knew he would embrace us, but by the end of class I understood. Dr. Wright’s lecture and background resonate with me especially because I’m from Northeast DC and my parents, being older folks, grew up around the same time he did. The DC Dr. Wright referenced was a place foreign to me because I grew up in a DC plagued by crime, drugs and disparity. After knowing my own experiences living here, and hearing Dr. Wright’s, I know that what Dr. Wright said about desegregation must have some truth. The three points that I came away from his lecture with were about desegregation, the importance of activity on campus, and the consequences of inactivity. Dr. Wright made the point that the desegregation of public schools marked the end of an era when African Americans had their own functioning society within the walls of Racism that surrounded the United States. He said that during his youth, the black
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