Darwin in Atlantic Cultures

Darwin in Atlantic Cultures - sex and species, in exclusive...

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The Birds and the Bees by Hamblin- Chris Chacko The phrase” birds and bees” popularized by Cole Porter shows two popular understandings of sex that human sexuality is related to the animal kingdom and that men and women can apply lessons from the animal kingdom to their own mating decisions. Darwin concluded that maladaptive traits continued to be passed on to future generations simply because the opposite sex found them attractive. Darwin defined “sexual selection” as the “advantages which certain individuals have over other individuals of the same
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Unformatted text preview: sex and species, in exclusive relation to reproduction. Darwins main goal in the Descent of Man was to concretely establish human and animal kinship. Darwin attributed many secondary sex characteristics such as greater size, strength, courage, and pugnacity. Geddes and Thomson declined to comment on whether or not human animal emotions were exactly analogous but put them on the continuum. Darwin put forth the idea that human sexual activity was similar to the animal kingdom....
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