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2011-10-02 22-20-01 14 - CH 3 Numerical Descriptive...

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Unformatted text preview: . CH 3: Numerical Descriptive Measures Part 1 1. Measure of Center: (A) Observation Notation .r‘: the ith observation in the list of n observations, where i l, 2, . . . , n. ‘ (B) Summation Notation 2 ( “Sigma”—Computing the sum): 11 We write 2:; =11 +Ig+---+;r... i=1 (C) Sample Mean (also called sample average or arithmetic mean, notation 53'): Given a set of n observations 11,172,“ . ,3,” the sample mean is the sum of the observa- tions divided by the number of observations 11, i.e., n i=1 .1'.’ n (eq3-1) f: EXI { D) Median: Given a set of data, the sample median is the middle value when the observa- tions are arranged from smallest to largest. Median = n + l ordered observation (m3. 2) Note I: Ifn is an odd number, m edian is the middle value of the ordered observation; if n is an even number, we use the av erage of the two middle value of the ordered observation. EX '2 __w7m__—————___————____m___—_ ...
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