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2011-10-02 22-21-21 19

2011-10-02 22-21-21 19 - EX6(cont 3 Polygons and Ogive(A...

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Unformatted text preview: EX6 (cont) 3. Polygons and Ogive (A) Class midpoint: The point halfway between the boundaries of each class. EX6 (cont) (B) Polygon: Formed by connecting the midpoint of each class which are used to represent the data in that class. EX6 (cont.) (C) Cumulative distribution: Formed by accumulating the frequencies, relative frequen- cies or percentages. (D) Ogive: Formed by plotting cumulative % against the lower boundaries of the classes and connecting them. (Note: Ogive is the cumulative % polygon). EX6 (cont.) ...
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