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2011-10-02 22-26-15 36

2011-10-02 22-26-15 36 - (C Using the formula EX 2 The...

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Unformatted text preview: (C) Using the formula EX 2 The computer paper is expected to have a standard deviation of 0.02inch. 100 sheets are selected and the mean is 10.998 inches Set up a 95% confidence interval estimates of the population mean paper length. i 3. Case II: 100(1 -— a)% confidence interval estimation of the mean u (27 unknown). (A) Formula: I? a: t..,-_.,,._1—§- (eq8.2) J5 where S is the sample standard deviation. (B) Student's t distribution: Let 3;, 3:2,. . . .1:fl be a random sample from a normal population with mean u and standard deviation 0', then it = ?glfl is called the t—distribution with 7. (n — 1) degrees of freedom. n (C) tq/a'n_l notation (D) How to read the t-table: ...
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