Unit 5 Atmospheric Pressure and Wind

Unit 5 Atmospheric Pressure and Wind - 2 Leftward...

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Unit 5: Atmospheric Pressure and wind 1. What is Atmospheric Pressure 1. Molecular Collisions 2. Relationship between density and temperature 3. Density of the Atmosphere 2. How is Pressure Measured? 1. Millibars 1. 1012 mb at sea level 2. Inches of mercury 1. 29.92° at sea level 3. Isobar 1. A line of equal pressure 3. Air Movement 1. Small scale vertical movements of air 2. Large scale vertical movement of air 3. Wind 1. Wind speed is tied to horizontal pressure gradient. 4. Influences on Wind Direction 1. Pressure Gradient 1. Air goes from high pressure to low pressure 2. Driven by unequal heating of the Earth’s surface 2. Friction 1. Air moves over an object (Buildings, Mountains, People), object will slow down movement of air. 2. AGL-above ground level. EX. 0-5000ft 3. Geostrophic- wind unaffected by friction 3. Coriolis Force 1. Rightward deflection of wind in the Northern Hemisphere
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Leftward deflection of wind in the Southern Hemisphere 3. The affect is greatest at the North pole and south pole 4. The affect is least at the equator. 4. Cyclones 1. Low pressure surface lows 1. Ex. Hurricanes and Tornadoes 5. Anti-Cyclone 1. High Pressure Surface Lows 1. Ex. Desserts 6. Semi permanent Conditions of Wind and Pressure 1. Polar High 1. Polar Easterlies 2. Sub polar low 3. Westerly’s 4. Subtropical High 5. Trade Winds 7. Modification to the General Circulation 1. Season displacement of the general circulation 2. Monsoons (from the Arab word for Season) 1. East Asian Monsoon 2. South Asian Monsoon 3. Australian Monsoon 4. West African Monsoon 3. Lesser Winds 1. Sea and Land Breezes 2. Valley and Mountain Breezes 3. Lesser Winds 4. Foehn(ALPS)/Chinook(Rocky MTS)...
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Unit 5 Atmospheric Pressure and Wind - 2 Leftward...

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