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The Hasburgs 1. Who is governing Europe? 1. Other Royal houses fight, the Hasburgs marry 1. Maximilan I(1459-1519) marries Mary of Burgandy: Netherlands 1477 1. Maximilan’s vision of Empire 1. The Wappenturm in Innsbruck 2. Marriage alliance with Spain 2. The Emperor Charles V (1500-1558) and “Universal monarchy) 1. Challenges on Charles’s Empire 1. Lack of political integration 2. The Reformation 1. Comes to power at same time Martin Luther starts Reformation 3. Powerful outside empires 1. France and allies (England, German, Protestants) 1. Popes Italian Princes
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The Ottoman Turks 3. Abdication(1555/1556) 1. “Spanish Habsburgs 1. Spain (with overseas empire) 2. Italian Principalities 1. Naples 3. The Netherlands 4. Phillip II (r. 1556-1598) 1. Son of Charles 2. Austria, imperial throne, Bohemian, Rump Henry 1. Ferdinand (r. 1555/1556-1564) 4. Subdivision of Empire: Spain 1. Continuation of same problems: internal religious dissent, powerful external challenges 2. Spread of Calvinism, Dutch Revolt (1566-1648) 3. Turkish threat, English opposition (armada 1588) 5....
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