The Facts of Life

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The Facts of Life (1300-1700) 1. Importance of Population 1. Fewer Births 2. Producers 3. Consumers 4. Economy Follows Population 2. Sources 1. Census 2. Parish registers 3. Factors for growth 1. Rising birth rate (falling rates of celibacy, falling age of brides, little contraception) 2. Stable death rate 3. NOT an increase in lifespan 4. Factors for stagnation/decline 1. Falling birth rate
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Stable or rising death rate 3. Epidemics, Famine, War 4. Climatic change 5. The phase of fluctuation 1. Overpopulation c. 1300-1340 2. Catastrophic fall and stagnation c. 1348-1450 3. Population almost doubles c. 1450-1600 4. Stagnation and fall c. 1600-1670 5. Steady Rise 1670-6. A Society “dominated by death” 7....
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