Catholic Reform

Catholic Reform - 3. Education 4. The Council of Trent...

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Catholic Reform 1. Catholic Reformation/Counter-Reformation/ Catholic Reform 2. Resiliency of Roman Catholicism 1. Support of temporal rulers 2. Belief 3. Power of Community 3. Extrapapal reform 1. Spain: Ferdinand, Isabella, and Cardinal Ximenes 2. Italy: Theatines, Capucins, Ursulines 3. Society of Jesus(Jesuits) 1. Found in 1540, as a military 2. Ignatius Loyola 3. Three Point Program 1. Missionary Work 2. Evangelism
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Education 4. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) 1. Reform of Church as teacher, Not Church teaching 1. Episcopal residence 2. Outlawed Pluralism 3. Seminaries 2. Affirmation of all aspects of Church teaching 5. Outcomes of sixteenth-century reformations 1. Body of believers dismembered 2. Religion basis for political conflict 3. Temporal power strengthened...
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