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Calvin Reformation I) John Calvin(1509-1564) A) Born in France, Flees 1534 to Basel B) Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536) 1) Most significant work written by a Christian thinker since the early days of the Church. C) Move to Geneva(1536) II) Calvin’s Program A) Community of believers 1) Local self-government 2) Communal expression and enforcement of morals, Geneva Consistory (1) Moral Police (2) Theocracy (kind of) B) Salvation: The Sovereignty of God, Predestination, the elect 1) God is all knowing and all powerful 2) Predestination- the belief that you will be saved or damned to hell.
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Saved are the elect (2) Hell damned C) Differences with Luther and Catholicism 1) Community 2) Salvation (1) Calvinism- Predestination (2) Catholicism and Lutheranism- Free will 3) Sacraments (1) Calvinism- Two Sacraments (Baptism and Communion)same as Luther (2) Catholicism and Lutheranism III)Spread of Calvinism: Switzerland, France, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Hungary 1) French War of Religion (1560’s- 1598) 2) Dutch Revolt (1566-1648) Dutch Republic (1579) IV)Reasons for Calvinism’s spread A) The prophet and the message B) Technology C) Political Support...
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