Sports, Sex, and War (Revised)

Sports, Sex, and War (Revised) - Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr....

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Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr. Theiss Composition 1 30 September 2011 Sports, Sex, and War In his article “Sports Aren’t Sex, They’re War,” Hampton Stevens responds to fellow sports writer Alyssa Rosenberg’s article regarding sexism and the sexual harassment of female fans by claiming that the very nature of sports are much more in line with the male psyche, and due to the alignment, female sports fans are unsurprisingly treated like outcasts. While Stevens, includes several strong ethical and empathetic appeals in his rhetoric, he makes several errors in logic, including fallacies, blatant assertions and weakly supported premises. Stevens begins his essay by agreeing with Rosenberg’s claim that all fans “should feel physically safe.” This is a good exposition because it utilizes ethos to position Stevens more closely with Rosenberg’s moral level. However, when Stevens uses Brett Favre as an example, stating that the women Farve came on to allegedly suffered only career losses, he weakens his assertion. By stating that the only negative impact of the unwelcomed interaction with Farve was to their careers, tends to trivialize the encounters and serves to lessen the credibility of the women. By simply leaving “allegedly” out of the statement, Steven’s would have avoided mitigating the integrity of the women’s statements. Stevens then states his thesis, noting that just because women should be protected in the workspace, they aren’t necessarily granted the same level of protection as a fan of sports. He claims this is due to the nature of sports themselves, and goes on to identify this as the main factor in the disagreement between him and Rosenberg. He then reiterates Rosenberg’s point,
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Sports, Sex, and War (Revised) - Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr....

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