Conflict in my Life

Conflict in my Life - Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr Thiess...

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Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr. Thiess Composition 1 9 September 2011 The Tough College Decision One of the most important decisions a student makes following high school graduation is selecting a college or university that best fits their educational goals and personality. There are numerous factors that an individual must consider in making such an important decision. Along with identifying the best college with the perfect degree major, a student may feel the pressure from their family to stay close to home or attend the same school that they attended. In addition, students wishing to continue their athletic endeavors may be limited to those colleges willing to provide scholarship opportunities. While both of my parents graduated from Oklahoma State University, I had dreamed of playing college soccer since I was a little kid. Since OSU did not have men's intercollegiate soccer, the choice seemed to be between my parents and my love for soccer. The pressure of making a college choice became a lingering issue for most of my senior year of high school. My final decision on a college was greatly influenced by my parent’s experience at
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Conflict in my Life - Baser 1 Sean Baser Dr Thiess...

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