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HONORS PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY PAPER 3 FALL 2010 DUE FRIDAY DECEMBER 3 25% per day late penalty You can turn this paper in to me in class, at my office, at my department mailbox, or by e-mail. You are close to completing an introductory course in physical geography. The course attempts to bring you a view of the subject matter studied by physical geographers and the holistic view geographers use to tie knowledge together. Thinking about the nature of the course, write a two-page essay examining how the physical geography viewpoint is important to sustainability and improved quality of human civilization.
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Unformatted text preview: There is lots of leeway here but support your arguments with evidence. Include the following: -Double-spaced typing -Good grammar, syntax, spelling -At least 3 sources (author, date) from which you gather material; only 1 source can be from an encyclopedia; Wikipedia is not a suitable source-The bibliography should be single-spaced and is not included in the page count -Introduction, transitions, conclusions -...
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